Pierre-Luc Dubois to become a Montreal Canadiens player, according to Winnipeg source

Published July 16, 2022 at 8:21

In a very interesting article, published on The Athletic, Winnipeg Jets reporter Murat Ates makes a really interesting statement.

We've suspected this for a few days, but coming from him, it really speaks volumes.

According to Ates, who covers the Jets and has been trying to quell rumors involving Pierre-Luc Dubois for weeks, the Quebec center will inevitably become a Montreal Canadiens player:

"The major negotiating leverage for Kent Hughes here, and one that works in the Canadiens' favor, is that Pierre-Luc Dubois just made it extremely clear he intends to sign with the CH in two years. So the return the Jets might receive in a trade, with a team other than Montreal, is affected by that. (They know he'll still end up in Montreal in 2024)"

That seems clear. Regardless of whether Kent Hughes is able to complete a trade with the Jets or not, Pierre-Luc Dubois will become a Montreal Canadiens player. It's definitely headed that way.

"Multiple very reliable sources have confirmed to The Athletic that, wearing the Blue-White-Red uniform, is a dream for Dubois and he is not shy about talking about it openly."

Whether it will be today, tomorrow, next week, in a few months or in 2024 remains to be seen. But we can say with some certainty that Dubois will land in Montreal in the not-so-distant future.

"I think at some point. Whether it's this summer or the next, or even two years from now when he's an unrestricted free agent, it seems inevitable at this point if you ask me if Pierre-Luc Dubois will be a Montreal Canadiens one day." - Murat Ates

Dubois, a 24-year-old native of Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, has 60 points (28 goals) in 81 games this season with the Jets. He was drafted third overall in 2016 by the Columbus Blue Jackets and moved from the Jackets, to the Jets, in January 2021 for Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic.

We now know why Dubois was present, in the Bell Centre, during the 2022 NHL draft:

Kent Hughes offered three CH players, to try to acquire Dubois at the draft:

For the interesting details:

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Pierre-Luc Dubois to become a Montreal Canadiens player, according to Winnipeg source

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