Big turnaround in the David Perron case?

Published June 17, 2022 at 6:11 PM

The St. Louis Blues and veteran forward David Perron have always seemed like a perfect match. After all, Perron has had three different tenures with the Missouri team.

It was almost a given that he would play with them the rest of his career and eventually retire as a Blue, as was reported earlier this offseason. That may not be the case after all.

According to Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic, the Blues' initial offer to David Perron was for two years at a salary far below what the veteran forward expected, which would have left a bad taste in Perron's mouth.

However, we can look at both sides of the coin. If you're David Perron, you've stated publicly that you'd like to finish your career with the Blues organization, even going so far as to compare them to your family. It's normal for him to feel slighted when he sees an offer that he considers low.

However, it is easy to see the Blues' side of the story. With a salary cap that will remain low for a few more seasons, they need to create the best possible roster. It's only natural that a veteran at the end of his career would receive a low offer, even if he's doing a great job for the organization. It's worth noting that Perron was making a $4 million annual salary following his four-year, $16 million contract signed in 2018. While the Blues' situation for next season is tolerable, a big contract could greatly hurt them for the following season, when many of their players will be up for signing.


Perron, 34, is still a very productive forward even though he is getting older. In 67 games played with the Blues last season, the forward had 27 goals and 30 assists for 57 points. The rumors that were intense earlier this summer that Perron could become a Canadian will surely pick up again with this news.

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Big turnaround in the David Perron case?

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