Big turnaround coming for the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens?

Published July 22, 2022 at 0:31

Even though Shea Weber and the next season are already approaching relatively quickly, the Montreal Canadiens' management has still not named a new captain.

Let's remember what Kent Hughes said, a few hours after he was hired as Marc Bergevin's replacement:

"The Tricolore will have a captain in the 2022-2023 campaign"

It's been several months of this and still nothing.

Today, the TVA Sports channel published an article entitled "Canadiens: no captain on board?".

Because yes, many are starting to ask this famous question. Could we see a turnaround in the situation?

Will the Habs' new management decide to wait before naming Shea Weber's replacement?

See an excerpt from the article:

"Would the decision to name or not name a captain have required more thought? Was it hasty, impulsive words (from Kent Hughes)? When it's time to analyze the CH's meager bank of interesting candidates, the question becomes obvious."

It's true that this is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly here. According to some information circulating, the Hughes/Gorton tandem would not want to put this unnecessary pressure on the shoulders of Nick Suzuki.

Not immediately, anyway. They would like to appoint him in a year or two, when he is more experienced.

So what to do in the meantime? The logical solution seems to be to implement a quartet of assistants, composed of Brendan Gallagher, Paul Byron, Joel Edmundson and Nick Suzuki.

Do you like this idea? If not, check out the options:

1- Appoint Suzuki immediately.

2- Appoint Joel Edmundson, and take the C away from him in a year or two???

"Otherwise, what if Joel Edmundson is a captain and still on the roster in three, four or five years? The staff is going to take the letter away from him and give it to his teammate. It's nonsense." - TVA Sports

3- Name Brendan Gallagher, despite his rocky relationship with officials and despite the fact that he is unfortunately on the decline (and on a bad contract)

4- Name Josh Anderson, who is unwillingly involved in all sorts of trade rumors.

We can see here that, if the management comes to the conclusion that Nick Suzuki is not ready yet, we could really see a turnaround and another season without a captain in Montreal.

If that was your decision, what would you do?

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Big turnaround coming for the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens?

What would you do with the Captaincy situation in Montreal?

Give the C to Suzuki now31237 %
Give the C to Edmundson and Suzuki in 2-3 years19723.3 %
Name Gallagher or Anderson now27632.7 %
Other597 %
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