Big mistake : a NHL executive sent a trade offer to Pierre LeBrun

Published February 18, 2022 at 5:43 PM

We're all guilty of texting the wrong person at some point. It happens, but sometimes it can have repercussions.

In the case of an NHL team executive, if you send a text message to an insider that includes a trade offer you want to make, thinking that he is the general manager of the Ottawa Senators, it's not ideal.

The insider himself told the story on Friday when he published his latest article on general manager Pierre Dorion.

«Years ago, I received a text message from an NHL executive that was intended for Pierre Dorion regarding a potential trade. I let the exec know that he texted the wrong Pierre. Obviously, I didn't say a word about the proposed player. The proposed trade never materialized."

You have to admire LeBrun's professionalism and the fact that he doesn't reveal who made the mistake and which player was at the center of this trade that never materialized.

Can you imagine the exec's face when LeBrun told him he got the wrong Pierre! We bet that since this event, he looks twice before sending a text haha!
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