Vincent Lecavalier did not want to move to Montreal

Published February 18, 2022 at 4:12 PM

It's the news of the day for the Montreal Canadiens, even if it was not a very well-kept secrets, it's now official.

This morning, the organization has officially announced two hirings: the hiring of Nick Bobrov, who will be co-director of amateur scouting and also, that of Vincent Lecavalier, who becomes special adviser to hockey operations.

Lecavalier gave a press conference in the last few minutes to answer questions from journalists.

He was questioned about his new role within the organization and about his mandate.

See his responses, as reported by Luc Gélinas of RDS:

«Especially evaluating players and sharing my opinion afterwards with Kent Hughes. I didn't send my resume to 30 teams. The Canadians, it is a no brainer and we have structured an agreement that suits my family. Kent trusts me. We have a 20-year friendship. He knows I'm going to challenge him and that's important. That's the difference with someone he doesn't know and us. -Vincent Lecavalier

«Vincent Lecavalier says he is really excited about his position with the #Habs. He spoke with Martin St. Louis this morning and the coach intends to involve him when possible, to chat with players for example." - Luc Gélinas

Also questioned about the rumors that he was appointed as assistant to the GM of the Canadians, Kent Hughes, Lecavalier was very transparent:

"Lecavalier about the rumors circulating about him for the assistant to the general manager job. «We never discussed that. Kent never offered me that job and it wouldn't have interested me. I would have had to move to Montreal full-time.» - Luc Gélinas, who reports Lecavalier's answer

He therefore did not want to move to Montreal full time and this explains his particular role as a handyman, from distance. He didn't want to move his family, and that's understandable, but he wanted to get involved in the Habs organization.

So they created a custom job for him.

For the full press conference :

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