Big development concerning Sean Monahan and his possible departure from the Montreal Canadiens

Published February 20, 2023 at 8:01 PM

Prior to the injury he suffered last December, Habs forward Sean Monahan was on his way to a great season as he had 17 points in 25 games. Many pundits were optimistic that Kent Hughes would be able to get a minimum first round pick for his services.

Unfortunately for the Habs, Monahan doesn't appear to be close to a return to action, and if Hughes wants to trade him between now and the trade deadline, he may have to settle for some pretty minor offers.

However, there's always the possibility that Monahan could come to terms on a new contract with the Habs. After all, he's kind of revived his career in Montreal. In an ideal scenario, the Habs' GM could get his act together for a potential deal, but as Charles-Alexis Brisebois of reports, even at that level, it's not encouraging and that possibility doesn't really seem to be on the table right now.

A major piece of information regarding Sean Monahan's future with the Montreal Canadiens

While appearing on TSN 690, tipster David Pagnotta mentioned that there have been no contract talks between Monahan and Habs management.

However, he also said that this file will be monitored in the coming weeks.

You can enter Pagnotta's comments by clicking on this link.

Does this mean that Kent Hughes will be able to come to terms with his forward or will he trade him by March 3rd?

At this point, it's pretty hard to answer that question, as Monahan still hasn't recovered his health. It would be surprising if the Habs' general manager is able to get what he wanted from the start for the services of number 91.

There is still the option that he remains with the Habs after March 3rd. If he is able to have a good end of season, he could get a good contract with another NHL organization during the summer.

But we have to admit that this option was probably not in the cards for Kent Hughes when he acquired him from the Flames last summer, but if Monahan is ever able to bounce back after this season, whether in Montreal or elsewhere, he will owe the Habs' GM a debt of gratitude for reviving his career.

In any case, it's really important to learn here that talks, even preliminary ones, have not started at all between Monahan and the CH.

You can judge what this means for his future in Montreal.

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Big development concerning Sean Monahan and his possible departure from the Montreal Canadiens

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