Carey Price's wife breaks her silence about her controversial post and explains herself

Published February 20, 2023 at 7:04 PM

As we told you earlier today, Carey Price's wife Angela had an interesting question and answer session.

Among the fans questions she answered, Angela mentioned, among other things, that her family will continue to learn the French language and that the Prices plan to return to Montreal a few times as early as next season, even after officially moving to Western Canada.

However, it was another of her answers that caused controversy.

Details and context in the article right here:

Some of the comments went very far and were way out of line, according to many.

After that, as reported by our colleagues at Qc Scoop, Angela Price rectified the issue (after her controversial post).


"A few of you took this post a little too seriously. I didn't mean to lock your kids in their room without food or water as punishment, but to avoid three hours of coming and going during bedtime, the "door monkey" may be a good option. Or if you are dealing with sleepwalking children in an unsafe manner, again this may be a good option. Some people prefer to keep their little ones in a crib longer, which is fine too. Obviously, parents need to be responsible and use good judgment for their family. This was meant to be a little funny, sorry if it offended you."

- Angela Price

Anyway, you be the judge, but we thought it was important to share her response to the criticism of some.

In closing, we will quote one of our valued subscribers who left us a very intelligent comment with a good moral to take away from this story:

"Moral of the story, spreading your life on social networks, is not the idea of the century when you want to have peace."

- Remy BGagnon, page subscriber

Source: Qc Scoop
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Carey Price's wife breaks her silence about her controversial post and explains herself

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