Ben Chiarot reportedly getting closer to the rivals of the Habs due to recent events

Published February 23, 2022 at 2:09 PM

Just under a month from the NHL trade deadline, just about every hockey fan is expecting Canadiens defenseman Ben Chiarot to be traded.

Among the potential destinations for the defenseman, there is : the St. Louis Blues and the New York Rangers in recent weeks, but we should not forget Toronto.

Trades between two rival teams in the same division are rather rare, but in the situation in which the Canadiens find themselves in this year, we must admit that it won't change much.

Speaking of the Maple Leafs, their defenseman Jake Muzzin was injured in Monday's game against the Canadiens at the Bell Centre. We still do not know the duration of his absence and the fact that he spent the night in Montreal suggests that he could be absent for a long period.

It could very well mean that the Maple Leafs will stand out from other teams interested in Ben Chiarot and the latter could really end up in Toronto, especially given recent events. (due to the unfortunate injury suffered by Muzzin)

At least that's what TSN's Mitch Gallo said.

It's not the first time the Habs defender's name has been associated with the Leafs, but the team's general manager, Kyle Dubas, had a problem with the salary cap and now that Muzzin could end up on the LTIR, the possible addition of Chiarot makes more and more sense.

However, Gallo said that the Seattle Kraken defenseman Mark Giordano would be a better option for the Maple Leafs. But should Giordano return to the Flames, Ben Chiarot could prove to be an excellent alternative for Kyle Dubas.

Do you think the Canadiens defender could end up in Toronto?
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