Upcoming Carey Price Announcements: Pierre LeBrun provides informations

Published February 23, 2022 at 12:04

We were talking about it a few minutes ago, the Canadians announced today that Friday, we'll have a big update on the state of health and on the future of goalie Carey Price.

It could be very interesting.

While we have not had any news for several days / weeks, while there are several questions that are raised about his future in Montreal and in the NHL, the Habs will therefore give an update on: Friday.

Really looking forward to seeing what they have to say about it, especially since Carey himself mentioned a few weeks ago that the last few weeks were going to be decisive for the rest of his hockey career.

Result of these famous determining weeks? Absolutely no progress on ice. Which doesn't seem to bode well...

On the other hand, following this «announcement» from the Habs, the insider Pierre LeBrun added a touch of interesting information about what is coming for the star goaltender.

«Believe that Carey Price still wants to try and come back this season if possible. It's important to him." - Pierre LeBrun

So let's not lose hope!

To be continued, but maybe we will have a nice surprise on Friday. What is your prediction? Do you still believe it?

More details to come...

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