BIG BOMB at the Montreal Canadiens

Published January 5, 2022 at 11:29

Isn't that a big bomb this morning? Chantal Machabée became the communications manager (VP) for the Montreal Canadiens, becoming the first piece hired by the new version of the Montreal Canadiens. Amazing, but she fits perfectly in that role. WOW!

I understand Geoff Molson's pride in announcing this «elite» hiring. A great lady comes to a large organization, she who has spent more than 30 years with the RDS team.

«I am very pleased to welcome Chantal to our organization. She has unparalleled experience in the world of sports media in Quebec. Her thoroughness and determination have set her apart in this field and her extensive knowledge of the field will be an asset in meeting the challenges of this strategic position. Maintaining good communication with our supporters and members of the media is of paramount importance to us, and Chantal's appointment will certainly help.»

Chantal will be working with the Hockey Operations, so she will be managing the communications for this part of the team. Her direct boss will be France Margaret Bélanger.

Following this official announcement, Chantal made the following remarks:

«Watching Guy Lafleur made me want to become a sports journalist. His talent and charisma gave me this immense passion for hockey. Inspired by Guy, I have had the privilege of a career of over 38 years in the trade, including over 32 years at RDS, and I am extremely grateful for that. A new chapter is now opening for me and it is with great joy that I accept this new challenge. Thanks to France Margaret Belanger and Geoff Molson for their confidence, thank you for welcoming me to the Montreal Canadiens family!»

Again. WOW! What a major loss for RDS, but all of a sudden, it's a majestic decision from Molson and his team!
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