Artemi Panarin will have warned Gerard Gallant in no uncertain terms

Published September 19, 2021 at 2:47 PM

In an interview with "Hockey in the Know" on Instagram, Artemi Panarin of the New York Rangers made a rather surprising statement. Chris Drury, the new general manager of the Rangers, mentioned that it was paramount that the New York team have a captain next season. However, Artemi Panarin was very clear, this title does not interest him at all.

The best player of the "Blue shirts" considers that there are better candidates than him for the position. In addition, Panarin knows that it is not just a letter on a uniform, there are responsibilities that come with the position, which does not interest the number 10.

"I think there are players much more deserving of this title than me," he said.

"It's not just about putting a letter on a jersey and walking around taking pictures. It's a lot of work in the locker room. And it's not just about playing good hockey. It's also about giving your energy between periods, motivating the guys, giving interviews, being the face of the franchise. Overall, it's a lot of work off the ice."

Panarin is aware that an award of this magnitude could affect his performance on the ice. A situation he in no way envisions.

"I think I'm more effective in hockey," Panarin said. "And I'm afraid I'm not an effective captain. I don't even speak English. How can I motivate the troops? I can only influence my teammates with my own game. And they will listen to me without any letters."

Panarin will settle for the role of best player and assistant captain, visibly.

Recall that the Rangers have not had a captain since they traded Ryan McDonagh in 2018. They had begun an accelerated rebuilding process. The organization is at the moment of naming a captain, visibly.

Gerard Gallant, the new head coach of the team, will have the task of determining the lucky one. Chris Kreider, who has been with the big club since 2012, has been mentioned as a potential captain.

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