Another proof of Tomas Tatar's high class

Published February 8, 2022 at 12:46

Tomas Tatar and his new team, the New Jersey Devils, will be at the Bell Centre tonight to play against the Montreal Canadiens. This visit will be a first for Tatar since he left the Montreal Canadiens last summer.

Of course, Tatar presented himself in front of the Montreal lenses with the class that we know him, he who started this with a few French words. The perfect nod to a formation and a city he so cherished.

«Bonjour! Salut tout le monde!»

Moreover, Brendan Gallagher admitted that he had kept in touch with his former teammate and trio partner... but he will not give him any chance tonight. The rivalry will certainly be at its maximum on the ice.

By the way, this season Tatar has only 17 points, including eight goals, but he might be able to boost his record by facing a team without confidence.
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