The New Jersey Devils can't stand P.K. Subban anymore?

Published February 8, 2022 at 11:09

P.K. Subban now has 800 games behind the tie, which is a long career, despite the slowdown in recent years. He has 460 points so far, but this year he has only 14 in 43 games. With the money he's making, I'm sure the Devils don't mind...

Although he will finish his current deal at the end of this season, which will free the New Jersey Devils, who have been enduring his $9 million for three seasons. For this reason, his name on the UFA market this summer, the Devils will certainly agree to keep 50% of his salary.

In any case, we know one thing, according to Yvon Pedneault's report, the Devils no longer seem to want P.K. Subban, be it his attitude or his salary. Especially as the team does not know the success desired this year.

«Young people are making progress, but the results are disappointing. Hamilton has not met expectations and we would like to get rid of PK Subban.»

It makes you wonder if number 76 is a «distraction» in the locker room!


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