Another controversial statement by Shane Wright in connection with the Canadiens

Published July 13, 2022 at 1:34

After his few controversial statements and gestures, since his non-selection by the Montreal Canadiens in the 2022 NHL draft, the media is trying to give Shane Wright a chance.

The goal is really not to try to put him down, but clearly, the kid is not consistent.

"After saying he was aiming at sb with his eyes, then changing his story the next day by claiming he was just looking at the cameras, Shane Wright tells us/you that he was hoping to be drafted fourth overall by the Kraken..." - InTheSluts

Indeed, Wright just stated that he was actually hoping to be drafted by the Seattle Kraken (not the Montreal Canadiens). This is clearly not consistent with his pre-draft statements.

See an excerpt from a piece published by Andy Eide, an independent correspondent for NHL.com:

"From the beginning, Shane Wright was hoping to be drafted by the Seattle Kraken.

That's what the prospect said after the second day of the Kraken's development camp on Tuesday. Wright recalled a conversation he had with Brennan Othmann, a first-round (16th) pick of the New York Rangers in 2021. Wright had told his friend, without knowing if it would be possible, that he hoped Seattle would select him.

"I thought it was a perfect game, but that's also what this organization is trying to build," Wright said. They're a new team, so they don't have as many prospects in their system as other teams. I thought it gave me better opportunities to make a difference right away. The possibility of being one of the pillars of this team in the future was something that really interested me. That's ultimately what happened, and I couldn't be happier."

Wright, who many saw as the first pick in the last draft, was passed over by the Montreal Canadiens, New Jersey Devils and Arizona Coyotes, eventually landing in the hands of the Kraken at No. 4.

Even though he fell three spots, he says he's happy with the final outcome."

At this point, we can simply deduce that Wright is trying to say what his new fans and bosses want to hear, but his rhetoric is really inconsistent. Before the 2022 draft, Wright clearly mentioned that he hoped to be drafted by Montreal and he repeated it to anyone who would listen.

For the details:

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Another controversial statement by Shane Wright in connection with the Canadiens

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