Announced dismissals: there seems to have been friction between certain journalists and the Montreal Canadiens

Published June 16, 2023 at 5:25 PM

Last Tuesday at dinner time, Tony Marinaro dropped another excellent scoop when he announced the possible dismissals of Donald Balmforth (Head Physiotherapist) and Graham Rynbend (Head Athletic Therapist). The information was shortly confirmed by the Montreal Canadiens organization.

These dismissals, though surprising in the way they were announced, are however not a big surprise. For a second consecutive year, the Habs topped the list of 32 NHL teams for the number of games missed due to injuries. According to NHL Injury Viz, Canadiens players missed 600 games, a figure that does not even include Carey Price.

As we now learn from the site Danslescoulisses, the injury situation greatly affected the media world. Journalists were largely disappointed with the management and especially the communication of it.

"Without making too much noise publicly, according to information from, several journalists assigned to cover the Montreal Canadiens would have been highly dissatisfied with the management of information by the Tricolore regarding injuries. A few situations particularly tarnished the beat during the year, leading to some unpleasant debates between the organization and the media." - Danslescoulisses

Things got heated at times.

We recall the cases of Mike Matheson, Brendan Gallagher, Joel Edmundson, Kirby Dach and especially Sean Monahan who caused a lot of talk this season in Montreal.

Many players returned to the game, certainly too quickly, only to exacerbate their old injury and miss more games. At the end of the season review, Kent Hughes mentioned that the injury issue would be a priority during the off-season.

"We'll determine that in the coming weeks," Hughes explained.

"We want to look at all the injuries and what procedures were followed. Were there symptoms [that could help prevent them]? Should we have done an [MRI], an [X-ray]. We're going to look at each case in great detail and try to determine where we can improve."

Again according to DLC, a Quebecer from the North Shore should be appointed shortly to oversee these files. An announcement might come from the organization sooner rather than later.

A story to follow in the coming days!

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Announced dismissals: there seems to have been friction between certain journalists and the Montreal Canadiens

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