Andreï Markov signaled to the Montreal Canadiens in a rather funny way

Published January 4, 2022 at 4:39 PM

Who doesn't miss good old Andreï Markov? He was the Montreal Canadiens' general at the blue line for so many years and he did it well. Unfortunately, his association with the team ended badly in 2017, due to contractual differences.

The management under the Marc Bergevin era let him go, without having put much effort to keep him. I strongly hope that the new management will rectify the situation with Markov.

The latter gave an interview with Jonathan Bernier of the Journal de Montréal and their exchange ended on a rather funny note.

Let's remember that Markov played 990 games with the Habs. Unfortunately, he never reached the plateau of 1000 games played in the NHL.

However, Markov jokingly hinted that he was not closed to the idea of training to play the remaining 10 games. With the team being decimated by COVID-19 cases, this would be a golden opportunity for the Russian defenseman.

Although Markov is mostly known for his unwavering seriousness, you have to admit that he has a pretty amazing sense of humor. What a specimen, this one!
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