The sad observation about Carey Price

Published January 4, 2022 at 1:17 PM

Marc Bergevin granted a monstrous deal to Carey Price on July 2, 2017, which will mark five years in July. At that time, we wanted to build something solid around Carey Price and Shea Weber, who landed in Montreal in June 2016.

As prime contractor, «Berg» tried everything to build a culture and a winning team, which eventually worked because last year's group reached the Stanley Cup Final. Strong leadership, willpower, and luck were the key to Weber and Price reaching the final.

Today, just a few months later, the 10.5 million earned by Carey Price is even heavier, and then there is talk of trading him to rebuild on a new base. The deal is that the Canadiens should receive little in return from their concession player due to plenty of circumstances.

All this is a very sad observation, but far from being the fault of Carey Price, who showed a lot of character in recent months. But the fact remains shocking, sad and disappointing. Voilà!
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