An old proposal proves how expensive Lehkonen is

Published January 24, 2022 at 8:39

Artturi Lehkonen was selected in the second round in 2013, then he began his journey with the Montreal Canadiens in the 2016-17 campaign, when he scored 18 goals. A total never equalled since, but with time, we understood the type of player he was.

No, despite the first look, he's not a big scorer, but he can put at least 10-12 in for a season. His main strength remains his hard work, tireless, presence after presence. His ethics, courage, discipline, attitude and commitment make him a player around whom to build a culture.

For those reasons, the clubs that are interested in him, there are tons of copies, as my colleague Zach indicated on Monday night, are willing to pay the price.

That said, TVA Sports journalist Nicolas Cloutier has brought this to the surface:

As of today, the price of Lehkonen has certainly not decreased, on the contrary. A player like that, it infuses a big dose of inspiration. It would hurt to see him leave. But at the same time, he could make a lot of money somewhere else.
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