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An insider spoke out about Mattias Norlinder

Published September 12, 2021 at 6:27 PM

Saturday afternoon, before flying to Montreal today, Mattias Norlinder had the worst game of his career in a HC Frolunda uniform. These are not the words of those who cover the team, but those used by Mattias Norlinder himself. The Montreal Canadiens prospect didn't bury his head in the sand about his last performance with the HC before leaving for America.

That said, despite a very shaky performance during which he made a lot of mistakes, it doesn't change the fact that he has incredible potential to start the next season with the Blue-White-Red. According to colleague David Ettedgui, Norlinder is the CH prospect with the best chance of making the roster in 2021.

"He's a player who can make a difference in a big game and Dominique Ducharme knows that he's going to need someone who can produce on one of the two power play waves to replace Shea Weber. He's a player that's getting better every year and he's not skimping on his efforts to improve all facets of his game."

It's hard to get into a muscular debate with David as I remain in tune with him. Norlinder has matured a lot as a human and it shows in his game. This young man has a lot of character and his ability to move his feet and the disc make him a formidable weapon. While he may not be a Quinn Hughes, he could come close to the stats of one, according to Ettedgui.

Now tell me, who else can't wait for Wednesday, the opening day of the Montreal Canadiens' rookie camp?
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