An expert speaks out on a possible trade involving Carey Price, and it's causing quite a stir

Published July 22, 2022 at 3:49 PM

A few days ago, we learned, according to Stephane Waite, that Carey Price will be ready to jump into the fray in September and that there was a lot of hockey left in him. He not only mentioned this important point, but added to the debate.

According to Waite, Price has a huge dilemma right now and he is wavering a lot. He will have to choose sooner or later between finishing his career with the Canadiens or asking for a trade with a Stanley Cup contender, to realize his dream of one day winning the Stanley Cup.

As you can imagine, there has been a lot of talk about this topic. On TSN, journalist Eric Macramalla mentioned that, in his opinion, even if Price is healthy, he should not be traded.

Even if it would be a major trade.

"Carey Price is the face of this franchise. There are certain players that are so important to organizations that you just can't trade them." - Eric Macramalla

That's a very interesting point of view that Kent Hughes, and especially Geoff Molson, will definitely have to consider if a trade of the star goalie is ever considered.

Macramalla goes even further in his point by mentioning that Price is one of the great players who are not tradeable. A bit like Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin in the NHL.

"I think Price qualifies for that category. If you trade him, you lose part of your franchise. He's as popular with the kids as he is with the adults. The team just isn't the same without him. I understand the business aspect, but if he's healthy, I don't think you can trade him." - Eric Macramalla

It's understandable that trading Price will have huge marketing implications. Even if the Suzuki and Caufield are increasingly popular, Price is part of the furniture and, despite the fact that he is not always unanimous with the fans, he is an important member of the club's roster. Especially in terms of merchandise and publicity...

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An expert speaks out on a possible trade involving Carey Price, and it's causing quite a stir

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