An analyst implies that Dominique Ducharme does not do his homework?

Published November 26, 2021 at 8:40

Dany Dubé remains one of the most respected analysts in hockey, who verbalizes the "game" almost to the level of a Guy Boucher. Dubé has seen some hazy situations with the Montreal Canadiens, as he has been covering the team for years.

At the moment, the picture he paints of the Montreal Canadiens and their head coach is not a positive one... with good reason. Without pointing directly at Dominique Ducharme, Dubé pointed out a specific "job" that a coach sometimes has to do, especially when things aren't going well.

"Sometimes it's the coaches' job to make the players think they're better than they may actually be," said Dubé.

So Ducharme has to do his homework, right? What he needs to do is sell his players on the story and get them on board to overcome this big hurdle that's standing in front of them like an oak tree. He needs to be creative to get his team to perform better, which we are not seeing right now.

Let's get the homework out, Mr. Ducharme!
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