Alexander Romanov gets solidly embarrassed and destroyed on social media

Published November 22, 2022 at 7:56 PM

Since Kent Hughes took office, there have been few opportunities to get out the negative of his work. Indeed, the deals he has made so far make him look like a true genius.

Of those trades, we won't soon forget the one that spiced up the 2022 NHL Draft in Montreal last July. Hughes traded Romanov to the Islanders for the 13th overall pick, who in turn was traded to Chicago to acquire Kirby Dach.

Not only is Dach giving us a lot more than we expected from the start of the campaign, Romanov is far from being a fan favorite. Indeed, many wonder how Lou Lamoriello managed to part with the 13th overall pick to acquire a player like Romanov.

"How did Kent Hughes get a first round pick for Romanov? The guy is atrocious."

It's when you read the publication's comments that you realize that many people agree with this statement. According to them, Romanov is a solid defenseman who gives good hits, but it ends there. He's clearly not worth a first-round pick and Lamoriello got a pretty good run on this one.

As Canadiens fans, we can honestly say that we don't miss the former number 27. The CH's defense is very tough and his style of play was replaced quite easily by Kent Hughes. We loved Romanov, but again, we have to admit that Hughes looks like a genius in this deal.
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Alexander Romanov gets solidly embarrassed and destroyed on social media

Did Hughes fleece the Islanders with this one?

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