Very interesting development regarding Shane Wright and the Canadiens in relation to a possible revenge

Published November 22, 2022 at 7:51 PM

This weekend, Shane Wright was officially sent to the AHL in Coachella Valley by the Seattle Kraken. To be eligible for this move, he had to be scratched from the roster for five consecutive games, not an easy task when an entire fan base is just asking to see him play.

Earlier in the season, he was out for four games, but when Jared McCann got hurt, the Kraken had no choice but to change their plans. As a result, Kraken management decided to resume the five-game stretch in late October, and it appears they meticulously planned Wright's start time.

On the 32 Thoughts podcast, Jeff Marek explained Wright's situation. He's allowed 14 days in the AHL once he's sent back there, and then he'll be recalled to Seattle. There is then only one game in the NHL before the start of the World Junior Championship tournament he is expected to attend.

Which NHL game is in between these two events?

Seattle's first game against Montreal this season, which is Shane Wright and Juraj Slafkovsky's first NHL matchup.

Shane Wright's rematch against the Montreal Canadiens?

"Wright will return to Seattle on Dec. 4, and then if the Kraken decides to send him to the World Junior Hockey Championships, there is one game between the end of conditioning camp and World Junior camp, and that game is against the Montreal Canadiens. Shane Wright will definitely want to play against the Canadiens (and it could be quite a show)." - Jeff Marek

Interesting development.

Shane Wright's only NHL game, by the end of the year could be against Juraj Slafkovsky and the Montreal Canadiens.

Wright will want to show the Tricolore that they made a mistake by not selecting him at the very top of the last draft. This game could be quite a game if Wright and Slafkovsky are in it...

Circle it on your calendars! This is an interesting development and quite a coincidence. Or is it not a coincidence?

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Very interesting development regarding Shane Wright and the Canadiens in relation to a possible revenge

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