Alex Burrows' scheme is not the right one to use

Jeff Drouin
October 17, 2021  (5:39 PM)

This morning, Sunday, October 17th, my buddy Chris and I were recording the 4th episode of season 3 of our podcast "In the Notebook". In this episode, we discussed the massive attack scheme, which we think is very poorly designed. No, we don't coach at the NHL level, but we do have eyes to dissect this pathetic situation.

Here's the recording in question ⬇️

Marc Bergevin has done his homework, he has added the necessary pieces to improve this facet, which was already dragging in the mud last season. Yes, Mike Hoffman, one of the great specialists with an extra man, is currently on the sidelines, but Cole Caufield and Christian Dvorak are there.
The shots have to come from the left faceoff dot, the place where Cole Caufield has to be in order to use his lightning shot. How many times yesterday did we see him shooting backwards, ready to receive a pass and draw immediately? No one allowed him to do that.
We're looking for Jeff Petry or Chris Wideman. NO! The CH has a formidable weapon, soon to be two with Hoffman, so the Tricolore must use them. If Caufield is misused on the PP, I don't see how Hoffman could be the primary target on the first unit. He'll be misused too, right?
But, on top of that, "D-Vo" has to be in the enclave on massive attacks, as he stands out in that facet of the game.
As I mentioned before, I don't coach in the NHL, but my job means that I study the game a lot, so I'll make a suggestion... Here goes!
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