After that of Josh Anderson, another clear message is sent to Mark Scheifele

Published March 3, 2022 at 11:42

The long history between Mark Scheifele and the Montreal Canadiens is well known. It started with the dangerous blow to the head of Jake Evans, and it continued with his comments and his attitude thereafter.

During the Habs' most recent game, the Habs played against Scheifele, and he «fought» with Chris Wideman. He was down in about 4 seconds.

Not only did it not seem to bother him, but in addition, he once again provoked the Habs players, with a weird reaction when leaving the rink. That said everything about his state of mind.

It may seem not a big deal, but it was really not appreciated in the Canadians' locker room:

«I think Wides [Wideman] did a good job winning; we didn't like the reaction he [Scheifele] had towards the end of the game - it's a good thing we're playing against them later this year." -Josh Anderson

So, it will be interesting to watch as part of the next (and last) duel of the season between the Canadiens and the Jets, it will be April 11 in Montreal. Josh Anderson extended the invitation to Scheifele.

Today, number 55 of the Jets is still being talked about and this time, it's the turn of a former NHL referee to send him a clear message.

His arrogance is starting to bother many, and not just Habs fans and players.

Tim Peel, a very experienced former NHL referee, sent a strong message to Scheifele via Twitter:

«Zero respect for Mark Scheifele. What he did to Jake Evans last year was brutal. He has never had any respect for the Officials either. Way to go Chris Wideman! Much respect for you!! #winnipegjets #hockeyfights #nhl"

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