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A young boy made a special request to Jake Allen

Published August 19, 2021 at 12:40

On the eve of the expansion draft, Marc Bergevin did not protect Carey Price in order to ensure that he retained the services of the excellent second goalie, Jake Allen. Price, who was possibly seriously injured, had some anxious moments, even though he was the one who told Bergevin to use this strategy.

That being said, Allen was one of the cogs that got the Montreal Canadiens into the playoffs, thanks to his prowess while Price was on the sidelines recovering from a concussion. The number 34 has gained popularity, even if was already popular in Quebec, as a native of New Brunswick who played his junior career in the QMJHL.

All of this leads me to a tweet from a lady named Manon Doucet, a person who loves the 31-year-old and is passionate about the Red, White, and Blue.

The idol of this little guy, also a goalie, is none other than Jake Allen. Noah, Mrs. Doucet's nephew, lives in Bathurst and would love to have his idol sign his mask in the colors of... Jake Allen.

By the way, Chantal Machabée also shared this tweet so that it would make its way to Jake Allen, which would be so incredible!
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