A very benefical junior assignment for this CH prospect

Published February 7, 2022 at 9:20 PM

After a modest start at the professional level last year, Habs prospect Jan Mysak is back with the Hamilton Bulldogs in the Ontario Junior League this season. The Canadiens' second-round pick in 2020 seems to have regained its bearings during their second stint at the junior level.

In the last campaign, Mysak played 11 games in Europe where he managed to only collect a single pass. He also played 22 games with the Laval Rocket where he managed to score two goals. So it was a pretty timid year in terms of offensive production for the nineteen years old player.

This season, the Czech was returned to his junior team, the Hamilton Bulldogs of the Ontario Hockey League where he seems to have regained his confidence. In only 33 meetings, he scored a total of 25 goals and 19 assists. These numbers are really promising after his 25 points in 22 games during his last junior season, two years ago, in 2019-2020, just a few months before being drafted by the Habs.

In fact, he made the decision to go back to the juniors because he could have stayed in the AHL with the Rocket. «I think everyone agreed that I would play an extra year in the OHL, whether it was me, my agent or the Canadiens. It's very good for my development,» he said.

«I am very happy, we have a very good group. Our Executive Director has done a great job doing some exchanges. Our team is better than it was before and I think we have a good chance of fighting for the championship. On a personal note, I have a good season and I just want to help my team,» he added.

The next few months are likely to be busy for Mysak. His team is ranked sixth overall in the OHL. There is therefore a good chance that they will go far in the playoffs, or even participate in the Memorial Cup.

In addition, the possible report of the World Junior Championship this summer would be another event on the Mysak calendar. He is very interested in participating to represent his country, and then the NHL training camps will take off.

Will we get a brand new Jan Mysak next year?

Credit: RDS.ca
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