Ducharme leaked a little information about Gorton and Hughes

Published February 7, 2022 at 7:24 PM

Dominique Ducharme appeared in front of the media to give updates regarding several situations, including the state of his cripples. Faithful to his habits, Ducharme delivered with great precision the information about his team.

But in addition to the information about Carey Price, Cole Caufield, Ryan Poehling and the others, he pointed out, perhaps unintentionally, that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton were not in Montreal. The two men meet on the road to evaluate some pawns that interest them.

With the information delivered by Darren Dreger earlier today (Monday), about how Jeff Petry would be in demand, we can do «1+1», right?

I would also remind you that Hughes has mentioned many times that he wants to move before the transaction deadline.

Watch out for the Canadiens this week, as it might be hot!
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