A trade proposal involving Caufield and the Flyers just surfaced and it's ridiculous

Published December 13, 2022 at 8:04 PM

My colleague Vincent Fournier made a hilarious find on the web, as a hockey site put out a crazy proposal involving Cole Caufield and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Yes yes, the same Flyers who ignored Caufield at #14 overall in the 2019 NHL draft (in favor of Cam York).

This is from a site that covers Flyers activities, and proposes that Philadelphia send an offer sheet to Cole Caufield, no less.

Knowing they don't have their next two second round picks, that means it would be an offer over $10,503,720 per season. (Or under $6.3 million, but Caufield would never accept an offer under $6.3 million, especially not via hostile offer)

See the title of their article: «The Flyers Should Offer Sheet Cole Caufield»

They explain that this would be a brilliant way for Philadelphia to redeem their mistake of drafting Cam York, instead of Caufield. They explain that Montreal and Philadelphia have a known history with hostile bids, and that this would be realistic.

Their proposal, as we understand it, would be to offer $84 million, for 8 years, to Cole Caufield, to bring him to the Flyers.

We are talking about a pact worth $10.503 million per year.

We tell you about it just to entertain you and because it's a ridiculous proposal, but it made us laugh. It's true that this is an organization that has made this type of hostile offer before, but in the case of Cole Caufield, it's not going to happen.

He will be in Montreal for many years to come, and Flyers fans have to accept that.

For the hilarious details:

Credit for the entertaining find: LetsGoHabs.com
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A trade proposal involving Caufield and the Flyers just surfaced and it's ridiculous

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