A new publication from Carey Price's wife has fans in an uproar

Published February 13, 2023 at 6:16 PM

Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price's beautiful wife Angela is currently the target of some criticism for commenting on a specific aspect of singer Rihanna's look.

Rihanna, who was obviously the star of the Super Bowl halftime show yesterday, looked really lovely in her clothe.

However, one little aspect in particular bothered Angela Price, who didn't mind mentioning it publicly.

Via a post on her page, Angela Price didn't like the singer's "zipper" placement.

"I liked it (the show), but I couldn't stop thinking about her zipper. Why not stop it higher, why get it down so low?"

"But other than that, I liked it."

So one internet user responded to him:

"(Her zipper is that low) because she's pregnant."

To which Angela responded with this:

"Yes, but it still doesn't pass in my opinion to place the zipper like that."

"Also, I didn't like the way she let us all speculate about her body (which we should never do)

Make it obvious or don't do anything."

- Angela Price

See the publications in question:



But well, beyond all that, everyone is entitled to his opinion and it was especially an opportunity for us to put a word on the famous show of Rihanna.

Personally, we loved it!

It's a credit to her that she performed some songs with collaborations. She just gave millions of clicks and views to Kanye West, Jay-Z and DJ Khaled, playing songs that are sure to come back in the charts.

She looked amazing and the visuals were really impressive.

To watch the performance in question:

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A new publication from Carey Price's wife has fans in an uproar

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