A monster trade proposal is raised by Larry Brooks and it involves Patrick Kane

Jeff Drouin
June 22, 2022  (5:32 PM)

It's safe to say that the rebuild announced by the New York Rangers a few years ago is well and truly over.

The Blue Shirts made it to the East finals and came very close to surprising the two-time Stanley Cup champions, but in the end, the Tampa Bay Lightning had the upper hand in six games.
Despite this superb progress, the Rangers seemed to be missing a little something in the last few series to go a little further, and as reported by my colleague Keven Mawn of Fanadiens.com, a well-connected tipster in the New York sports scene had quite a suggestion.
Larry Brooks, a veteran reporter for the New York Post, suggested the Rangers try to acquire the Chicago Blackhawks' star forward, one Patrick Kane.
Blackhawks interim GM Kyle Davidson is reportedly currently listening to offers from other teams regarding all of the team's veterans, and No. 88 is no exception.
"After raising the question at the beginning of last season, I'm raising it again now and probably not for the last time: what is Patrick Kane worth as a rental to our Rangers after the club has been frustrated four straight times by Tampa Bay?"

Kane, who is coming off a great season with a 92-point performance in 78 games, will run out the final year of his contract next season for a salary of $10 million a year.
Under the circumstances, New York could be an ideal destination for the Buffalo-born forward, and the Rangers have several quality young prospects who could be interesting for a rebuilding team like the Blackhawks.
Plus, he could be reunited with his playing partner for two seasons in Chicago, a certain Artemi Panarin.
Imagine a trio of Kane, Panarin and Mika Zibanejad! With such a combination on the attack, the Rangers would undoubtedly be one of the best teams in the NHL.
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A monster trade proposal is raised by Larry Brooks and it involves Patrick Kane

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