A journalist proposes a monster trade between the CH and the Rangers involving Lafrenière

Published April 14, 2022 at 5:56 PM

We told you yesterday, the New York Rangers made the decision, Wednesday night, to scratch forward Alexis Lafreniere. (1st overall pick in 2020)

Even if they justified it by saying that they just wanted to rest him, it made a lot of people react on social networks.

Lafreniere is going through a difficult sequence right now, he has no points in his last eight games, even if he gets quality minutes in the offensive zone with good players.

And now, he was dropped from the Rangers' lineup yesterday.

Among those who have serious questions is journalist Brian Wilde, who made an interesting suggestion.

As reported by my colleague Christian Matte (Marqueur.com), he believes the Habs should try to acquire Alexis Lafreniere, in return for their first pick in the upcoming draft:

"Imagine the excitement if the Canadiens were able to acquire Lafreniere. He's from Quebec, of course, and has been a hero in that province for about five years now. He's 20 years old and would already be on the team in the fall. The Rangers would be getting an 18-year-old player, and given their NHL standings, they can wait a few years for their new top pick to mature. [...] What if the New York Rangers scouts prefer Juraj Slafkovsky or Shane Wright to Lafreniere? What if the Canadiens like Lafreniere more than Wright or Slafkovsky? What would make this trade not acceptable to both parties?" - Brian Wilde

Admittedly, the idea of a Lafreniere - Suzuki - Caufield trio is dreamy, and they really could be dominant, together, for a very long time. However, the chances of that happening are still slim, in my opinion.

But, let's ask the question (for entertainment purposes): Alexis Lafreniere vs. the CH's 2022 first round pick, would you do it?

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A journalist proposes a monster trade between the CH and the Rangers involving Lafrenière

Who would you rather have in MTL?

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Shane Wright25649.1 %
Logan Cooley5710.9 %
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