A former Tricolore defenseman as the new team president?

Published November 22, 2021 at 8:32 PM

Uncertainty is omnipresent in the Montreal Canadiens organization, both on the ice and in the team's offices. Marc Bergevin's contractual situation is the talk of the town, a possible sale of the team, changes in the organization chart and a team that is unable to string together two wins. In short, all the ingredients to create a climate of uncertainty!

Will there be any imminent changes at the administrative level or in senior management positions? This is still a mystery. On the other hand, journalist Mathias Brunet has made a proposal to replace Geoff Molson as the new team president.

He would see the former Tricolore defenseman, Stéphane Quintal, occupy this position. He would even make this choice with his eyes closed!

Recall that Quintal currently holds the position of Vice President of Player Safety for the NHL. He has been in the position since 2014. Do you think he might be interested in returning to the Habs fold? Is he the best candidate to replace Geoff Molson as president in your opinion?
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