A former NHL goalie bursts everyone's bubble about Cayden Primeau

Jeff Drouin
October 5, 2021  (8:43)

Cayden Primeau has had a pretty rough training camp this year. The American goalie is on track to play his third season in the pros, but he seems to be struggling to reach the next level in his development.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Canadiens probably didn't get Samuel Montembeault for nothing. This acquisition is obviously a direct message to Cayden Primeau. The Habs probably doesn't have enough confidence in Primeau to help Jake Allen at the beginning of the season to compensate for the loss of Carey Price.
Eric Fichaud, an analyst for TVA Sports and former NHL goaltender, was of the same opinion, but in more depth. According to him, Primeau is not the organization' goalie of the future.
"It's not like we're going to get a 34-year-old veteran at the end of his career," he said Monday during the "Le show" segment on JiC. "He's a 25-year-old guy, Primeau is 22. What that says to me is that, even though Primeau played well in his last game, he's not the Montreal Canadiens' goalie of the future." 
Primeau won't even be a regular goalie in the NHL, whether in Montreal or elsewhere. He believed Primeau would play at least 50 games in Laval this season. However, with the acquisition of Montembeault, that probably won't happen...
"I don't think he's going to be a regular goaltender in the National Hockey League, from what little I've seen. For sure he still has some work to do, he's going to go play in Laval. But it's funny, I was saying that this year, Primeau had to play at least 50 games with the Rocket. Now, with Montembeault coming, that's not going to happen!" 
Fichaud finished his analysis with some comments on newcomer Samuel Montembeault.
"I can tell you for a fact that the Panthers saw him as a Roberto Luongo type of player when he came in," Fichaud said. "He was the Panthers' top prospect, but, unfortunately, he didn't develop the way we thought he would." 
It's far too early to determine what Primeau's future will be in the pros, let's let him develop as he should. However, the Habs will have to start looking for a goalie of the future through the draft, as Carey Price isn't getting any younger and Jake Allen isn't a goalie of the future, let alone a starting goalie.
If not, maybe the Canadiens could get a young starting goalie from another team when Carey Price is close to his retirement. It remains to be seen...
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