A disturbing publication has just burst the bubble of many experts and fans concerning Slafkovsky

Published June 30, 2022 at 10:06

Since the highly regarded journalist Bob McKenzie released his final list for the 2022 NHL Draft, Juraj Slafkovsky seems to be the new favorite to be drafted first overall by the Montreal Canadiens.

Personally, we would pick Wright, without a doubt, but based on what we've been hearing over the past few days, the pick will likely be Slafkovsky.

Here's why we think Shane Wright, and even Logan Cooley, would be better choices than Slafkovsky.

Despite a very ordinary season in the Finnish pro league, the big Slovakian has risen in some rankings because of his brilliant performance at the World Hockey Championships (against NHL players, according to some).

However, if you take a closer look at his production, you realize that his final production is misleading.

I daresay Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton have seen the following list.

Please note that the purpose here is really not to discredit the young Slafkovsky, but to share with you a remark that is very "game changing" in our opinion.

"Juraj Slafkovsky has 9 points in 8 games at the World Championship. Impressive? Here's the breakdown:

2A vs FRA
0 vs GER
0 vs CAN
1B vs SUI
1B+1A vs KAZ
2A vs ITA
1B+1A vs DEN
0 vs FIN

9 points vs FRA/SUI/KAZ/ITA/DEN
0 points vs GER/CAN/FIN

A trend? #NHLDraft"

It had done relatively the same with a certain Kaapo Kakko. He had produced a lot against clubs like Italy and France. So we can't talk about a player who produced against NHL players.

We remind him. The point is not to destroy Slafkovsky or to say that he won't be a good NHL player, but it's really interesting to deconstruct his production, and to see against whom he produced. It's a game changer.

So, before you proclaim him the "1st overall pick" over even an incredible talent like Shane Wright, you have to be careful. Sometimes you have to look beyond the numbers.

There's more:

"Barkov 21-27-48 - 53 GP
Kakko 22-16-38 - 45 GP
Wool 17-16-33 - 46 GP

Rantanen 9-19-28 - 56 GP
KK 10-19-29 - 57 GP
Teravainen 12-9-21 - 43 GP

Slafkovsky 5-5-10 - 31 GP

- Brian Wilde

We can see here that Slafkovsky's production in the Liiga is very ordinary. It is inferior to that of players like Jesperi Kotkaniemi.

In light of all this, do you think Juraj Slafkovsky is the right choice to make, for the Habs?

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A disturbing publication has just burst the bubble of many experts and fans concerning Slafkovsky

After seeing this, who's your first pick?

Cooley224.4 %
Slafkovsky8416.9 %
Wright39278.7 %
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