A decisive new clue surfaces as to what the CH will do with the 1st overall pick

Published June 7, 2022 at 9:24

As we mentioned earlier today, a very interesting article has just been published on the RDS website, courtesy of journalist Éric Leblanc.

In the article, we find several very interesting information about the three best prospects for the 2022 NHL draft: Shane Wright, Juraj Slafkovsky and Logan Cooley.

Before we get into what was said about the prospects, let's recall the really interesting piece of information that was slipped into the article:

Trevor Timmins' replacement with the Habs has indeed just been revealed (above). These are just rumors, but they are perfectly logical and reliable.

If we go back to the prospects, in the text, there is also this very interesting thing:

"I can't guarantee anything (for the CH pick). But Martin Lapointe, it's impossible that Wright is his kind of player, impossible... There's no way that Martin Lapointe, after seeing Wright, comes out of the arena, excited and says 'OMG he's good! He plays with drive and he has character."

We're talking about the words coming from a professional recruiter, a knowledgeable guy. Apparently, Shane Wright would not be the kind of player that Martin Lapointe advocates (or likes).

If Shane Wright is drafted by the Habs, at number one, it must come from Bobrov? However, Bobrov is an expert in hockey and European prospects. (as is Juraj Slafkovsky)

It's up to you to draw your own conclusions, but this information seems to lean towards Slafkovsky.

We're looking forward to July 7 in any case! For details:

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A decisive new clue surfaces as to what the CH will do with the 1st overall pick

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