A major turnaround for the Habs in the case of captain Shea Weber?

Published June 7, 2022 at 9:10

Earlier today, we told you about Marc-Antoine Godin and Arpon Basu's (The Athletic) excellent article, in which they look back at the information revealed and learned in the NHL Combine 2022.

It's aptly titled, "What we heard about the Habs at the Combine." Notably, one of the news items concerns captain Shea Weber.

We could see a disappointing turnaround in the situation, as all indications are that the tide has turned in this matter.

As you know, during his end of season review, Kent Hughes was asked if he was confident in trading Shea Weber (to the Arizona Coyotes) and he simply answered a clear and confident "yes".

Why the Coyotes? It seems to be the only logical destination.

It almost looked like it was done (that trade between Montreal and Arizona). Today, there is news:

"But we're in a position to say that right now, the market is not in favor of that happening." - Godin and Basu

So the Coyotes would have realized that Weber has four years left on his contract and that hurts.

"It becomes a lot less attractive to go out and get a contract knowing in advance that you're going to want to get rid of him later.

After the trade deadline on March 21, Hughes had admitted that he had come close to trading Weber and then suggested that the Arizona Coyotes' acquisition of Bryan Little had "possibly" played a role in the collapse of the talks." - Godin and Basu

And they add that the Habs would possibly have a better chance of trading Jonathan Drouin or Mike Hoffman to the Coyotes, rather than Weber.

It's changed quickly anyway! For the details:

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A major turnaround for the Habs in the case of captain Shea Weber?

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