A change of jersey number for Cole Caufield?

Published August 15, 2022 at 10:45

As part of a recent very interesting article published on The Athletic, there is an intriguing passage.

Indeed, journalists Arpon Basu and Marc Antoine Godin raise the possibility of seeing young forward Cole Caufield change his number for next season.

It would be a very symbolic and interesting change, but it would also have a major impact on the fans, considering the huge amount of Cole Caufield jerseys that have been sold (with the number 22) over the last two years.

As Marco Normandin (HABSolumentFan) reports, Caufield could indeed possibly make a significant visual change, heading into his second full NHL season:

"Normally, we don't really care about jersey numbers. It was fun to see Ilya Kovalchuk buy Brett Kulak a Rolex for his number 17 and it was a nice gesture on Chris Wideman's part to give Juraj Slafkovsky his number 20, but usually we don't care about jersey numbers. But there are always exceptions. Now that Jeff Petry has left and number 26 is available with the Habs, it seems obvious to us that Cole Caufield should get it. When Martin St. Louis was named head coach of the team, Caufield admitted that when he was younger he wore the number 26 in his honor. Not only should he take back the 26 in honor of St. Louis, but also in honor of another electrifying little player who wore that number in Montreal: Mats Naslund. It just makes so much sense to us."

Arpon Basu and Marc-Antoine Godin

Do you like the idea? Now that Jeff Petry has left for Pittsburgh and now that #26 is available, do you also think Caufield should take it on in honor of their current head coach?

It would be interesting, especially considering the huge impact Martin St-Louis has already had on Caufield as a head coach.

For details :

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A change of jersey number for Cole Caufield?

If you were Cole Caufield, what number would you wear next year?

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26 in honour of Martin St-Louis10840 %
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