A big trade rumor is circulating and it would be a 3 team deal, involving Josh Anderson

Published June 16, 2022 at 3:06 PM

The observer Maxim Guérin, who sometimes reveals exclusive and interesting information, has just published a huge rumour concerning a possible three-team monster trade between the Canadiens, the Blue Jackets and the Devils:

"I'm waiting for two returns for the details but it seems that there would have been a Mtl-NJ-Columbus discussion for a 3-team trade of picks, it seems complicated and I don't know if it will come to fruition but this discussion has taken place." - Maxim Guerin

And then he adds this:

"According to this tweet, NJ's 2nd pick would be in play but not for Mtl, it would be on Columbus' side, their 6th would be in play and Mtl would be interested in Columbus' 12th, it's trickling in the info." - Maxim Guerin

And this:

"The name of the forward on the CH side has fallen: Josh Anderson. It would appear that they've already tried to acquire him twice on the Devils' side, once when he was with the Jackets and the other before the deadline last year." - Maxim Guerin

So it's understandable that the major deal in question could look something like this:

In Montreal:
1st pick from Columbus (12th overall)
Pavel Zacha

To Columbus:
1st pick from New Jersey (2nd overall)

To New Jersey:
Josh Anderson
1st pick from Columbus (Chicago) (6th overall)

In summary, Montreal would trade Anderson, give itself some nice cap room under the NHL salary cap, pick up a young center (and a former 6th overall pick) in Pavel Zacha, and get its hands on the 12th overall pick in 2022.

It sounds like a good deal, but hey. We're sharing the information with you because it's starting to circulate quite a bit, and because it's always fun to put yourself in the shoes of the GM, but you be the judge if you really believe it.

Would this be a good deal for the CH, in your opinion? We know that Zacha's name has already been linked to Kent Hughes and the Tricolore.

Credit: GoHabsGo

June 16   |   204 answers
A big trade rumor is circulating and it would be a 3 team deal, involving Josh Anderson

Would you trade Josh Anderson, for Pavel Zacha and the 12th overall pick?

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