A big rumor is being confirmed and it involves Erik Karlsson

Published December 1, 2022 at 5:45 PM

In the last few days, some big rumors have surfaced and it involves star defenseman Erik Karlsson.

Informants have let it be known that he would be available on the trade market, and even that a deal seems likely.

Rumors that are being confirmed.

These rumors seem to be confirmed, as a curiously high number of scouts have been diligently showing up at San Jose Sharks games over the past few games.

One imagines they are coming to see Karlsson, because the Sharks have no other interesting players currently available or with a contract expiring in 2023.

This was the case yesterday, as there was action in the stands for the San Jose game.

As reported by David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period, Kent Hughes sent some interesting Montreal Canadiens spies (representatives) to watch the Sharks-Leafs duel in person.

However, the Habs were not alone, far from it.

Scouts from Anaheim, St. Louis, Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas, New Jersey, Detroit, Calgary, Arizona, Chicago and Seattle were also at the game.

We also saw the same exact scenario play out when "EK65" and the San Jose Sharks visited the Bell Centre to face the Habs.

There were an impressive number of scouts at the game.

So it's no secret that the Sharks are willing to trade veteran defenseman Erik Karlsson and there seems to be some buzz around the NHL. Teams are doing their homework and it's clearly showing.

The Ottawa Senators seem to be in on the action, and we had a nice proof of that at the Bell Centre this week, when five (!) of the team's scouts were there, as reported by our colleagues at Marqueur.

The rumors are confirmed ladies and gentlemen and it's big. Erik Karlsson could really be traded soon, possibly even to Canada. He didn't hide that he would like that.

We are talking about a defenseman who has amassed an incredible 32 points (11 goals) in only 26 games this season. To be followed closely!


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A big rumor is being confirmed and it involves Erik Karlsson

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