A beloved child could return to Montreal

Published December 8, 2021 at 10:01

One of the things that needs to be corrected for the Montreal Canadiens is the development of their prospects, which is not working properly. The development has been lacking for several years in this formation.

Among the Europeans, who really takes care of them when they arrive in this big intimidating Montreal market? Nobody! Artturi Lehkonen has been spoiled since Tomas Plekanec took him under his wing.

But at the time of writing, who is taking care of Alexander Romanov or Mattias Norlinder? Nobody. Yes, they are certainly being mentored, but having a big brother like "Pleky" changes the perspective.

From there, Dan Kramer suggests bringing Saku Koivu back with the Habs organization to take care of the European youth.

"If they can convince Saku to join the organization in some sort of role helping European prospects transition to the CH in North America is definitely needed. Lehkonen seems to be doing well, but credit Plekanec and Gallagher for taking him under their wing. The rest? Ouch."

The idea is far from bad, especially since Koivu remains one of the greatest captains in Montreal Canadiens history!
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