A New Surprise Player for the Laval Rocket? A Possibility Raised for Joel Armia

Published July 13, 2023 at 6:46 PM

Big decisions await Martin St. Louis and Kent Hughes next autumn at the Montreal Canadiens.

The team has a significant surplus of attackers, and if youngsters like Joshua Roy, Owen Beck, and Sean Farrell win positions, it will be even worse. (Which we actually wish for)

In short, Martin St. Louis will only be able to line up 12 forwards per night and decisions will have to be made.

On this subject, a surprising possibility has just been raised concerning Joel Armia.

Suzuki, Gallagher, Anderson, Hoffman, Dvorak, Armia, Dach, Newhook, Evans, Pitlick, Harvey-Pinard, Pezzetta, Caufield, Monahan, Slafkovsky and possibly Owen Beck and Sean Farrell... That's possibly more than 15 forwards, and they obviously can't all play in Montreal.

If ever Armia has a camp and/or a moderate start to the season and he blocks a spot for a youngster, here is what could happen.

"I wonder if the Canadiens could send him to Laval. I don't see what they gain at this stage by having Joel Armia take a spot in the lineup. He is what he is, he'll play very well for two games, then he'll disappear. Perhaps not at the beginning of the season, but if Owen Beck has an excellent start to the season, wouldn't it be more beneficial to let him play in this environment with young players where they can make mistakes, learn and develop? Joel Armia is not part of the rebuilding." - Stu Cowan

That's what the renowned journalist suggested during his appearance on Tony Marinaro's podcast.

Sending Joel Armia to waivers to have him play with the Laval Rocket, do you like this idea?

We did not expect this, but we must admit that it is a possibility to consider.

Armia, now 30 years old, has collected 14 points in 43 games last season with the Habs.

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A New Surprise Player for the Laval Rocket? A Possibility Raised for Joel Armia

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