A Canadiens source reveals why Montreal drafted Slafkovsky and Mesar in the first round

Published August 21, 2022 at 2:14 PM

As you know, in the most recent NHL draft, the Montreal Canadiens drafted two Slovaks in the first round, Juraj Slafkovsky and Filip Mesar.

To find out more about the reasons and thoughts behind these picks, TVA Sports' excellent journalist, Anthony Martineau, spoke with a source at the CH.

As a result of this discussion, we now know why CH management chose to draft Slafkovsky and Mesar, specifically.

"Mesar and Slafkovsky have plenty of nice qualities, but the main and undisputed reason behind their selection is their great offensive potential and the production they are believed to be able to have in the NHL," my CH source added.

This philosophy speaks to me a lot.

- Anthony Martineau, TVA Sports

It may seem obvious and logical, but it's still interesting to see that they were drafted because they are good offensively.

Some NHL teams often draft strong defensive players, in the first round, even knowing they have very limited offensive potential.

We've even seen the Habs make such selections in the past, including the selection of a player like Michael McCarron.

We knew he had limited offensive potential, but the Habs drafted him early because they thought he could have done other interesting things. (especially because of his imposing size)

We could say the same thing about players like Ryan Poehling or Noah Juulsen.

Well now, all indications are that it's over (this way of thinking)

The reason why Mesar and Slafkovsky were drafted so early by Montreal is because of their offensive skills. (and not because they will be good third line players or because they have good size)

We love it!

Please also note this:

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A Canadiens source reveals why Montreal drafted Slafkovsky and Mesar in the first round

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