A Big Rumor about to be Settled Concerning David Reinbacher?

Published July 18, 2023 at 4:49 PM

Earlier today, we reported news first revealed by the DansLesCoulisses website.


Recall of the information:

"Maxime Truman confided that the young defenseman (Reinbacher) has problems with both knees.

In fact, this is explained by the fact that he is suffering from Osgood-Schlatter disease, a "common cause of knee pain in children and adolescents". The disease causes the crumbling of cartilage and bone in both of his knees."

They also added that Reinbacher had to skate with braces on both knees during the most recent CH development camp.

That was worrisome. However, there is new information.

New contradictory information

In the last few minutes, here is the article that TVA Sports network just published:

There is notably the following passage, which draws attention:

Contacted by TVASports.ca, the head coach of the Kloten club in Switzerland in 2022-2023, Jeff Tomlinson, denied the story, and this, after having made additional checks with the team doctor.

"When you sent me this message, I immediately frowned because I am familiar with this disease and it has never been discussed during the season with our doctor. I checked again with him and he was very clear: 'No, that's absolutely not it.' It was only towards the end of the season that we noticed a bit of inflammation in his knees, but it was attributable to wear and tear, as we gave him a lot of playing time."

- TVA Sports

Coach Tomlinson was extremely reassuring, even adding that the inflammation in question had disappeared at the World Championship.

In their article, TVA Sports still mention that they contacted Max Truman, who persists that he has no reason to doubt the reliability of his information.

This is a file to follow, and this rumor should clear up and be settled in the next few hours.

The important thing is to have the correct time, to give you the best possible information.

In any case, we simply wish the best physical shape for young Reinbacher.
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A Big Rumor about to be Settled Concerning David Reinbacher?

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