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The real reason for Val Nichushkin's indefinite suspension revealed

Published May 13, 2024 at 9:32 PM

A journalist from Pittsburgh has just revealed the sad reason why Valeri Nichushkin is now at level 3 of the NHL's player assistance program.

Let's recall the major news that broke a few minutes ago, less than two hours before the game between the Colorado Avalanche and the Dallas Stars.

Valeri Nichushkin's 2024 playoffs are therefore over, and his career seems to be in jeopardy.

It's a huge loss for the Avalanche, especially in the middle of the playoffs!

The sad reason for Valeri Nichushkin's suspension is revealed

First, there is Pittsburgh journalist Josh Yohe who published this.

«What a shame. Addiction is a truly horrible disease. I hope he gets his life together.»

And the renowned Frank Seravalli immediately added this afterward:

«Sources say Nichushkin recently failed a drug test. He missed playoff games last year after a 911 call in Seattle during which an intoxicated woman was found in his room.» - Frank Seravalli

Also Avs insider Adrian Dater added more:

I'm hearing Nichushkin failed a drug test. But I have no idea what the «drugs» are.

Nichushkin, 29, amassed 53 points in 54 games this season, and he added a very solid 10 points in 8 playoff games, including 9 goals! It is a very heavy loss for the Avalanche.

He is quite a hockey player, but he needs to take care of himself.

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The real reason for Val Nichushkin's indefinite suspension revealed

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