Logan Cooley has just made a last minute surprise announcement and Montreal Canadiens fans can dream

Published May 19, 2023 at 1:05 PM

This one could potentially be major.

Let us recall that following the controversial post by Clayton Keller's father, who mentioned that some players will decide not to sign in Arizona and leave the Coyotes, rumors have surfaced about young Logan Cooley.

The team's overall 3rd pick in 2022, and the player that the Montreal Canadiens should have drafted with the overall 1st pick according to many, is still not under contract with the Coyotes.

Being a 3rd overall pick, he had a chance to play in the NHL this season, but he chose to stay in the NCAA for development instead.

He lit up the NCAA this season (60 points in 39 games).

And while everyone expected him to finally make the jump to the NHL next season, no! Against all expectations, Cooley has just announced that he is not signing with the Coyotes immediately.

He is going back to the NCAA. Wow.

"Logan Cooley, Hobey Baker finalist, will return for his second season with the Gophers."

It's been a long time since we've seen a top 3 pick decide to stay two seasons in the NCAA, after his draft.

This definitely adds fuel to the fire. Playing in the NCAA, Cooley has his destiny in his own hands.

If he wishes, he could, just like Adam Fox did with the Calgary Flames, decide not to sign with the Arizona Coyotes and make himself freely available to the other 31 teams.

He could sign wherever he wants, as Kevin Hayes did as a first round pick.

This is an unlikely scenario, but not completely unrealistic, especially with today's announcement.

After all, one could understand the youngster not wanting to sign with the package of trouble and uncertainty that the Coyotes currently represent.

And after Bryan Keller's statement, many are wondering this.

When he speaks of other players who might decide not to sign, is he talking about Cooley? A case to keep in mind. It would be huge.

At the very least, if Cooley shows a propensity not to sign, he will quickly become available on the trade market (like Adam Fox).

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Logan Cooley has just made a last minute surprise announcement and Montreal Canadiens fans can dream

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