Gary Bettman Desperately Begs Fans to Help the Arizona Coyotes

Published February 21, 2023 at 5:07 PM

The Arizona Coyotes are a mess. They're an NHL team playing in a 5000-seat arena, and there is no indication there is a real future in Arizona.

Despite this, Gary Bettman won't cease to back down from his project. He believes in the Coyotes, and he has the say to keep them in Tempe.

Bettman Pleads to Hockey Fans

Gary Bettman met with the Tempe city council this morning to show why the Coyotes should stay in Arizona.

I have a little bit of experience with the Coyotes it's been an interesting ride I don't think anybody can doubt our support.

It will shine a light on Tempe. We will bring league events here, whether it's an All-Star Game or a Draft. That's our commitment to you if this project goes forward.

He equally confirmed the 30-year no-relocation clause if the council grants the $1.7-billion project.

The city council decided to leave it to a public vote, and Gary Bettman released this video begging fans for help:

Hopefully this will finally force the NHL to find a new setting for the Coyotes, but knowing how far they'll go to keep them in Arizona, it's pretty unlikely.

Source: Hockey Feed
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Gary Bettman Desperately Begs Fans to Help the Arizona Coyotes

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