Huge bad luck: Dylan Holloway just lost over $120,000 for a frustrating reason

Published February 21, 2023 at 1:45 PM

In the last few hours, we have learned that the very promising Edmonton Oilers prospect Dylan Holloway has been injured and will be out for "about a month", according to the official version.

With this injury, Holloway has just lost over $120,000, a very large amount for a 21 year old player who is just starting his career.

How is this possible?

See the explanation.

Basically, Holloway had been with the Oilers since the very beginning of the season, but due to problems with the NHL salary cap, Edmonton officials decided to temporarily send Holloway to the American Hockey League to, among other things, avoid submitting another player to waivers.

Holloway didn't have to go through waivers, so unfortunately he was sent down. It was the quick and easy temporary solution.

An injury at the worst possible time.

Holloway was only supposed to play a few short games with the Oilers' school club, and wait a few days for things to settle down and he would be recalled to Edmonton, but the worst case scenario happened for him.

In his only AHL game, he was injured.

If Holloway had been while on the Oilers NHL roster, he would be paid $135K while injured 30 days.
Since he was injured in the AHL, he will be paid $13K while injured 30 days; $122K difference.

- Via PuckPedia

Ouch! That hurts in every sense of the word for the kid, and it's a major bummer.

Holloway, 21, played 51 games this season with the Edmonton Oilers and was on the verge of being recalled (before getting injured). He scored a goal in his only AHL game this season with the Bakersfield Condors.

He did play alongside a Cole Caufield in the NCAA with the University of Wisconsin, scoring 35 points in 23 games in 2020-2021.

We wish him a quick return to form!

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Huge bad luck: Dylan Holloway just lost over $120,000 for a frustrating reason

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