Interesting roster changes in the Montreal Canadiens' goaltender department

BY JEFF DROUIN    APRIL 14, 2022  (11:44)
As observers closely analyze every move the Montreal Canadiens make, looking for evidence that Carey Price will be activated (and back in action) tomorrow, we just got an interesting one.

The CH organization has just offered a trial contract (from the American League) to goaltender Owen Savory.

"Goalie Owen Savory joins the Rocket on a tryout contract. He was Lucas Condotta's teammate this year at UMass-Lowell. Excellent numbers at 1.93 and .926%. If Primeau doesn't come back to Laval, the Rocket won't give all the starts to Poulin." - Anthony Marcotte

With this AHL tryout contract to allow Savory to join the Laval Rocket and possibly establish himself in the Tricolore's goaltending lineup, it seems to indicate that Cayden Primeau has indeed returned to Montreal, with the CH. (and not on the road, in Cleveland, with the Rocket)

The Habs are still careful with their goaltenders and, even if Price plays tomorrow, Primeau could be the backup on Saturday.

More details to come!