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Surprise trade offer between the Habs and Kings involving 3 elements

Published April 24, 2024 at 1:20 PM

An interesting trade offer has just surfaced, and it involves Kent Hughes' Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings.

A few hours ago, we talked about Tony Marinaro, who did not appreciate Pierre-Luc Dubois being linked again to the Habs via trade.

We just found the rumor in question.

On the airwaves of BPM Sports, as reported by Marco Normandin, here is the trade offer that has surfaced in the last few hours.

A trade between the Canadiens and the Kings involving Pierre-Luc Dubois, Josh Anderson, and Brendan Gallagher?

Less than a year after paying a hefty price to acquire Dubois from the Winnipeg Jets, LA is already desperately looking to offload his hefty contract.

We're talking about an 8-year contract with a total value of 68 million dollars, which averages 8.5 million dollars per year.

Knowing that the Canadiens have been in the race each time to acquire Dubois, and knowing that he has always said he would like to play in Montreal, could the third time be the charm for Pierre-Luc Dubois and the Tricolore?

Dubois, who is absolutely not finding his place in LA and is on their fourth line, seems to be on his way out.

The experience is clearly not working for him there, and their fans already seem to be fed up.

«It's no secret to anyone that if GM Rob Blake had the opportunity to trade his contract during the summer before his no-trade clause took effect, he would do it.» - Marco Normandin

See the problem swap suggested by Georges Laraque:

LOS ANGELES gives: Pierre-Luc Dubois

MONTREAL gives: Josh Anderson + Brendan Gallagher

This would allow the Kings to turn the page and free themselves from a hefty contract, and it would allow the Canadiens to save nearly 4 million dollars per year in the short term.

In essence, Kent Hughes would be trading two «problems» of three years, for one problem, but of seven years. (hoping that Dubois can regain his form from the good years)

Dubois, 25, has scored 40 points in 82 games this season, but 63 points in 73 games the previous year.

Gallagher, 31, has scored 31 points in 77 games this season.

Anderson, 29, has scored 20 points in 78 games this season, but he could be very useful to the Kings in the playoffs. His value was very high a year ago.

Would you make this trade if you were Kent Hughes?

Credit : HABSolumentFan - Proposition de transaction à trois joueurs entre le Canadien et les Kings
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Surprise trade offer between the Habs and Kings involving 3 elements

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